Top 10 Solutions for Supply Chain Analytics and Insight

Qlik supply chain analytics eBook

Manage costs and improve profits - these are the top priorities for supply chain executives today.

But executives also know supply chains must balance availability, quality, and cost by being flexible, responsive, reliable, efficient, and resilient.

With all of these competing priorities, how can you quantify the effect of your decisions? Supply chain leaders are turning to data discovery software to see the whole story across their supply chain data.

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 66% of supply chain leaders say advanced supply chain analytics are critically important to their supply chain operations in the next 2 to 3 years.”  - The Hackett Group study, 2018

By improving insight in 10 performance areas, supply chain leaders are able to make more holistic decisions while creating a resilient and flexible supply chain that drives growth.

Read the eBook to learn more about how to improve growth through these 10 performance areas:

  1. Executive Insight
  2. Forecasting and Planning
  3. Sourcing and Supplier Performance
  4. Production Insight
  5. Warehousing and Distribution
  6. Transportation and Logistics
  7. Fleet Management
  8. Omni-Channel
  9. Regulatory Compliance
  10. IT Management




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Qlik enables organisations to explore supply chain data and processes in unprecedented ways, discovering hidden insights which result in better decision making and drive improvements in supply chain operations. Built on the industry’s leading Data Discovery platform, Qlik supply chain solutions help customers connect and manage the supply chain from end to end while increasing visibility, reducing risks, and optimising operations. With Qlik, organizations can analyse, visualise, and explore relationships between complex data sources. The result is a more connected customer-centric supply chain which drives better business results and a competitive edge.

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